Teach your child the right way to kick a soccer ball.

While soccer has long been the favorite pastime of the rest of the world with more than 3.5 billion fans, soccer is also surging among youth in the U.S. today. In fact, now there is a soccer player in one of every three households in the United States. In 2014, more than 3 million kids registered with the US Youth Soccer organization. In most communities, children can start in recreational leagues at age 5 and many start playing in the backyard even earlier.

While the premise of the game, kicking a ball into a goal, seems simple, how you kick the ball is just as important as where you kick it.

Each time a child plays, they develop what is known as “muscle memory”. Certain muscle movements registered in their memory allowing them to repeat the action without thinking. Because it’s so difficult to unlearn muscle memory, it’s vital that they learn to do certain skills correctly the first time.

That's where SoccerToes® comes in.

  SoccerToes top view

The most natural action for kids is to kick the soccer ball with the tip of their toes, however, this can lead to damage on a child’s foot, plus it's impossible to control the ball when kicked with the toes. The correct way to kick a ball in soccer is with the inside of the foot, allowing more control over the ball and preventing injury.

Since the child’s instinct is to kick with the tip of the toe, we at SoccerToes® have found a way to overcome that instinct and teach them the right way early in their training. SoccerToes® fit over the toe of the child's shoe and can be worn on either foot. Designed to deflect the ball away from the direction the child intended if she kicks with her toes, SoccerToes® teaches a child to use the inside of the foot for kicking.

Soccoer Toes on shoe

SoccerToes® is different from other soccer kicking products.  Other kicking aids are designed to take a poor kick and make it better by making up for the child's errors.  While that may seem like a great idea it actually isn't a good idea at all!  Those devices aren't allowed to be worn during a game so while a kick may have looked good in practice, the child has no control during a game.  Those devices actually reinforce a bad behavior and can slow their learning. During a game, a child trained with their device might actually be worse than it was before they started practicing because they're expecting the device to correct their poor performance.   SoccerToes® helps to correct this problem which makes it far superior to other products.Boy
      kicking ball

Most children don't need to wear SoccerToes® very long.  They quickly learn how to kick correctly and can begin to build skills from there and continue to improve their game.   It's all about starting out correctly, getting those base skills learned right the first time.    Your small investment in SoccerToes® can pay off for many years of fun playing soccer.  Order your SoccerToes® today and teach your child the correct way to kick a ball.

This is a great investment in your child's future.  And for coaches, it makes your job of teaching the child to kick correctly much easier.   Buy one and test it out on your young players.  We think you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to teach these young superstars.

Note:  SoccerToes is designed for young children just starting out, usually under age 8.   It fits all children's sizes soccer shoes but do not use it with tennis shoes or street shoes.  Only use it with a soccer shoe.   Soccer shoes have a different shaped toe, and cleats. These are both needed to keep the SoccerToes in place.

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